"Every time I refused to have sex, he hit me": victim abused by a priest


"I was three times pregnant, he let me abort three times, simply because he did not want a condom or contraceptive method, in the beginning I had so much trust in him, that he did not know he could abuse me, I was afraid of him. that I refused to have relations, he hit me ", is one of the charges in the videos with the testimonies of victims of abuse who today gathered the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in the Vatican to investigate the cases of to address pedophilia in the clergy.

The woman confirmed that her life was "ruined" and that she suffered so many "humiliations" that she did not know what the future would bring and asked the church to "behave responsibly, as sensible people".

"The first thing they did was to treat me like a liar, to turn my back and say that I and others were enemies of the Church," said a Latin American victim, according to the Vatican transcription.

"I know they are talking about how they should end and how they should start again and how they can repair all this damage First, false pardon, forced excuses no longer work, victims have to be believed, respected, cared for and repaired. the victims must be with them, you must believe them, you must accompany them, "he said.

He asked: "listen to what the Holy Father wants to do, not nod and then do something else".

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The 190 representatives of the hierarchy of the Catholic Church, including 114 presidents or vice-presidents of the Episcopal Conferences, were able to see five videos with the testimonies of victims who had raped priests during their youth and whose accusations were ignored.

A priest from Eastern Europe who is now 53, told how a superior stepped into his bed in the seminary and touched him.

But what hurt him deeply was that after many years he told the bishop and that he did not answer him for years, and when he did, he attacked him without trying to understand him.

This priest asked the bishops: "To listen to these people, to learn to listen to the people who speak, I wanted someone to listen to me, to know who this man is".

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An American condemned how the abuses made him "lose the innocence of his youth" and how he and his family continue to undergo "the betrayal" and "manipulation" of that man.

The fifth victim, a man from Asia, explained that every time he spoke to those in charge, "they have glossed over virtually every problem, they have covered the perpetrators …"

"If they want to save the church, we have to cooperate and give up the perpetrators," the victim added.