Embarrassed Chinese citizens and details made public after dressing poorly


A Chinese city has publicly embarrassed the residents who, they claim, wore pajamas in public, publishing their personal data on social networks and calling them “uncivilized actors.”

Government officials from the city of Suzhou, west of Shanghai, published images of members of the public, identifying them as “traveling in pajamas” and labeling their behavior as inappropriate. People were photographed in shopping centers, and the images that show a card with their personal information, including a photo of the head, were shared with WeChat, a popular social media platform in China.

The city said it had previously banned members of the public from wearing pajamas in public, as well as banning other “bad behaviors,” such as lying in public banks and handing out flyers, according to the BBC.

Public shame angered many online, who said residents had done nothing wrong by wearing their pajamas in public. Others said the government violated their privacy to those who shared their data.

Suzhou city officials later apologized for the images and said they would blur them in the future.

“We wanted to end non-civilized behavior, but, of course, we should protect the privacy of residents,” officials said in a statement.

In August last year, the Suzhou City Administration Office posted an announcement on WeChat, asking members of the public to submit photos that show uncivilized behavior, according to Paper.

The city’s request said authorities were looking for clear photos that would show people’s faces, with the interest of improving the city.

The city offered a cash reward for the photos of 10 Chinese yuan, or about $ 2.12.



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