Home world Donald Trump temporarily waives the state of the national state of emergency

Donald Trump temporarily waives the state of the national state of emergency

US President Donald Trump on January 10 in Washington.
US President Donald Trump on January 10 in Washington. Susan Walsh / AP

While the blocking of part of the federal government in the United States continues, President Donald Trump is provisionally giving up the national state of emergency to finance the wall at the border with Mexico.

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"The easy way for me is to declare a national emergency"but "I'm not going to do it that fast, because it's up to Congress to do it", he said on Friday, January 11 at a round table about border security. What we are not trying to do for now is the national state of emergency. " This measure would circumvent the approval of the House of Representatives, which had been dominated by the Democrats since the beginning of the year.

A wall of 5 billion euros

No compromise could be found between the Republican president, who wants the financing of 5.7 billion dollars (5 billion euros) from an anti-migrant wall at the border with Mexico and the Democrats, strongly opposed to the project. Faced with the stalemate and impasse in negotiations, Mr. Trump threatened Thursday to decide this measure during a trip to Texas:

"I have the absolute right to declare a state of national state of emergency, I have not done it yet, but I can do it."

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One of his supporters, the Republican senator Lindsey Graham, hired him to take the plunge: "It is time that President Trump called for emergency powers to finance the construction of a separation wall at the border."

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The "shutdown" that partially paralyzed the US federal government for almost three weeks becomes the longest in history. The record must be exceeded on Saturday morning with an 21-day break "Shut down" during the Clinton era in 1995-1996.

This week is the tension between the Democrats and Mr. Trump a little higher. The American president left a meeting in the White House on Wednesday with the tenor Democrats in which his project wall at the border with Mexico was discussed, causing the budget block.

"I just left a meeting with Chuck [Schumer] and Nancy [Pelosi], total waste of time, launched almost simultaneously, Mr. Trump in a tweet. "I said goodbye"he added. "The president got up and leftconfirmed Chuck Schumer, leader of the Democrats in the Senate, just after the meeting. Again we witnessed a whim because he could not get what he wanted. "

Faced with this persistent stalemate, Mr Trump also decided to cancel his participation in the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland) at the end of the month, where he expected to create the success of his economic policy.

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