Civilians and military: transitional government in Sudan state


After months of unrest, an eleven-member government council must bring peace to Sudan. Soldiers and civilians rule until a democratic election in about three years.

During the weekend, the army and opposition in Sudan opened the way for a new transitional government. Now the joint government council is standing. The eleven members of the so-called Sovereign Council, which from now on will rule Sudan, are selected, the democracy movement and the army announced. This also disintegrates the military council that had led the country since the overthrow of the old autocrat Omar al-Bashir.

The Sovereign Council consists of five soldiers, five civilians and an eleventh independent member. He will remain in office for slightly more than three years until elections are held. For the first 21 months, Abdel Fattah Burhan Military Council Chairman will lead the sovereign council. Later a citizen would have to take over the direction of the next 18 months.

Also controversial general part of the council

The transitional government must then pave the way for a civilian government to choose the people.

The Sovereign Council also includes General Mohammed Hamdan Daglo. The "Rapid Support Forces" unit is accused of violent action against a protest camp in the capital Khartoum in early June. Dozens of people were killed at that time.

Fall of the president after mass protests

At the beginning of April, after months of protests, the Sudanese army deposed President Omar al-Bashir. He ruled the country in Northeast Africa with a hard hand for 30 years.

After the president's resignation, clashes broke out between pro-democracy protesters and the army that had been in power since the president's overthrow. The demonstrators had called for a rapid transition to a civilian government.

The deposed president al-Bashir must now answer at a court in Khartoum. He is accused, among other things, of corruption and responsibility for the murder of demonstrators.

Deutschlandfunk reported on this subject at 9:30 PM on August 21, 2019.