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China's Embassy replied to Bukele that there is no "trap"

The ruling of the diplomatic headquarters is in response to the words of the president-elect in Washington, Nayib Bukele. The embassy demanded respect for the eastern country.

The embassy of China Popular in El Salvador yesterday referred to the message of the president-elect Nayib Bukele in Washingtonand said that "China is not a democracy, but that they influence your democracy. We want to be friends with China, but China must be a friend of ours. If China does not respect us, we cannot have a relationship with them, even it is the second largest economy in the world, "he said.

The country in question responded yesterday to that statement: "China has never done anything to threaten and intimidate other countries. As a pioneering country in its pleas for the Five Principles of Peaceful Coexistence, China never seeks interventions in other countries' domestic affairs but always opens and develops diplomatic relations with all countries, such as El Salvador, and adheres to the principles of mutual respect, equal treatment, mutual benefit and shared development ".

The statement adds that the intention is that cooperation between the two countries is transparent and that there is no double intention between them.

"The cooperation between China and El Salvador will in no way be a & # 39; pitfall & # 39; of debts, but a & # 39; cake & # 39; in favor of both nations. It will not be a geopolitical tool, but an opportunity for shared development. By promoting bilateral relations, the Chinese party has always fully respected the will of the Salvadoran party, has also maintained constant contact with all sectors of Salvadoran society and the parties involved, "he added.

China trusts Bukele & # 39; s "wisdom"

Another point that the diplomat Ou Jianhong sends to Bukele is that she trusts from her country that with wisdom and a great young leader they will make a wise decision, in accordance with international justice and the trend of this. historical era. ", With reference to the fact that as relations between the two nations come closer, diplomatic ties are strengthened.

Finally, the Chinese ambassador in El Salvador ensures that her country pursues a policy of respect for principles and commitments in its relations with other countries.

"China respects the principles, commitments and responsibilities. We are committed to conducting friendly exchanges and bilateral cooperation with the new Salvadoran government, overcoming external interference and based on the principles of mutual respect, equality, mutual benefit and non-intervention in internal affairs, supporting El Salvador in developing economic and welfare improvement for the benefit of the Salvadoran people.The Chinese party is willing to send delegations from different sectors to visit El Salvador at any time, to explore specific cooperation with the Salvadoran party "

However, it will be Bukele when he will take over as President of El Salvador, who will determine and evaluate the international policy with which he will lead the country.


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