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"China on the doorstep" by François Godement and Abigaël Vasselier

WORLD BOOKS This book was created, according to the authors, of the challenges that China Xi Jinping poses for Europeans. Their work decrypts China on the doorstep, a party state, the biggest survivor of Leninist dictatorships. The age of naivety must end.

• China at the door, A strategy for Europe, by François Godement and Abigaël Vasselier, Odile Jacob editions 232 p., 22.90 €

This book must read urgently. It may not be too late. Through the naivety and ignorance of the West, China has been able to establish itself as the second largest economic power in the world. Far from having developed into a more liberal or more democratic political system, China has, on the contrary, made a "big step back" in terms of individual liberties, politically, socially and religiously.

Powerful, not to say arrogant, China nowadays poses dangerous threats to the world and the authors who are aware of this book, François Godement and Abigaël Vasselier, propose a "strategy for Europe, under Chinese influence", so to respond to the hegemony of China & # 39; s Xi Jinping.

Europe, new target group of Chinese investors

"It is time for Europe to fill this void "

This very detailed book details and details of the specific bilateral relations between European countries and China, which knows how to adapt and take advantage of the weaknesses of some of these countries.

" In the past ten years explain our authors, China has found a place in the European landscape with resources that are not accessible to Europeans in China (non-reciprocity, protected markets, inequality in connection with Chinese tenders …). If we do not succeed in ending asymmetry in relations with China, the next assessment of China-EU relations in a decade will be even more unsatisfactory. " to add"It is time for Europe to fill this void ".

Is China the biggest beneficiary of the world's changeover?

Divide to better dominate her

The warnings of François Godement, one of the recognized great specialists of China in France, the Institut Montaigne and Abigaël Vasselier, analyst for the Asia program of the European Council for External Relations, is all the more legitimate. that in the digital age and the challenges of 5G in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), China is a great danger.

Those who thought that the Internet China was going to democratize & # 39; realize today that on the contrary it has used digital technology to further strengthen control of Chinese society, to suppress dissident voices and to detain whistleblowers. In the light of this Chinese digital challenge, the European Union must continue together more than ever, while the Chinese strategy consists of dividing it in order to better manage it. For the authors, the era of naivety is over.

Dorian Malovic

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