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Child reporters who could question the president of Mexico

The press room of the National Palace of Mexico returned yesterday to the day full of veteran reporters trying to catch the attention of the president, but two watchful children arose between the gray heads. Andrés Manuel López Obrador looked at them and gave them the floor.

Fernando and Eitan, 12 and 14 years old, were a few small reporters in blue who never raised their hands until they could ask the president about two things that concern them: the disappearances of children in Mexico and the brain drain.

"Let's see, the children, are they reporters?", Asked López Obrador, surprised when he gave the floor to the two members of Radioaventureros, a radio school project of minors and aimed at spreading the news among the children.

With great courage, Fernando told López Obrador that he was investigating the increase in disappearances of children in the country for two years and asked the president for the "strategy" of the government to "stop" this problem.

"At first I was a bit nervous", the small reporter admitted to Efe, although he explained that asking the president was "not surprising" for him, because it was not the first time he interviewed someone.

When his youth radiologist asked him to get up early to attend the conference that López Obrador offers every day at seven in the morning, Fernando did not hesitate for a second: "Perfect, I'm going to meet the president . "

Once there, he discovered that a highly professional environment & # 39; predominates in the elegant Treasury Hall of the National Palace, where about fifty reporters, cameramen and photographers from national and international media take note of what the president says.

Although that was not dizzy because "I am also a professional", said Fernando, who has been connected to Radioaventureros for two years.

The conference came "very satisfied" because López Obrador, whom he calls "a good person", gave details of the investigation into clandestine graves of missing persons, a subject that is "very sad" towards Fernando.

For two years, this young man studied forced disappearances in Mexico thanks to a research project for young people from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (Unam) and was able to interview family members of the 43 students of the Ayotzinapa school who disappeared in 2014.

Radioaventureros is a radio project that was founded six years ago by his partner Eitan, who also took the word "a bit nervous" to ask López Obrador for the strategy to prevent prepared young Mexicans from leaving the country to find work.

"We proposed to talk to the president because we have the right to know," said the young man with clear ideas.

Eitan, which is the experience & # 39; very interesting and quite exciting & # 39; found, regretted that developed people go abroad and that Mexico is considered to be a third world country if we have a lot of natural resources & # 39 ;.

But with his radio station broadcast over the internet and social networks, this young man from Mexico City has spent his two cents to change the country.

"At school they learn to add and multiply, but you need a lot more," says Eitan, who claims that "young people are aware of what is going on around them" thanks to Radioaventureros.

With this station he will interview the famous Mexican writer Elena Poniatowska and her goal is that other children become interested in these things and say & # 39; Wow, how cool! (What good) & # 39; ".

Eitan is planning to study a scientific career as biology, while Fernando has journalism between the eyebrows "to report what is happening in our country."

"We need to be aware of what is happening in the world, because if we do not know anything, we will not know how to fight against adversity," said the small reporter.

After he had thanked him that he had responded to this interview, a Lucid Fernando concluded: "Those who have questions arrive in Rome."


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