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Buckwheat flour: the public prosecutor takes possession

Since February 3, Martinique has experienced several cases of datura intoxication. There is an administrative investigation and the public prosecutor is confiscated.

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Martinique has experienced several cases of datura intoxication since 3 February 2019. The plant in question has been found in many buckwheat flour, which is sold on the island under the brand names Naturaline and Moulin. Des Moines and to date 25 cases have been proven and 10 are being analyzed.

You should know that Martinique was not concerned about the warning that was launched on 22 November. On 20 December 2018, however, a new warning was issued for other lots, including a wholesaler in Martinique who was a recipient. After this, the management of companies, competition, consumption, labor and employment (DIECCTE), Martinique subsequently checked that the products that corresponded with these parties, by the wholesaler from whom these parties were withdrawn. responsibility.

Unfortunately, on February 3, 2019, a doctor reported to the Regional Agency of Health (ARS) of Martinique seven cases of food poisoning after consumption of buckwheat flour. A new check was carried out at the wholesaler who had already been checked for the first time. An intervention that made it possible to draw attention to an additional supply of flour after the end of December.

The public prosecutor took delivery

The supplementary delivery contained a lot that had not been reported to have been contaminated by the DIEECTE flour manufacturer. In addition, an administrative investigation was opened. In particular, it will explain the absence of a report for this delivery.

The public prosecutor has been confiscated.

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