Brexit threatens the GAU – a note


Whether in the local bar counter, on the bus or at the checkout – Bob is everywhere in Britain: a Brit "bored by the Brexit." Three years after the EU referendum on Britain's withdrawal from the EU, the British are annoyed, frustrated and angry. Only British Prime Minister Theresa can drag through the Brexit chaos like an old, wounded war horse – even though she is soon forced to quit her job.

At the beginning of June, the still head of government wants to present her Brexit deal to parliament for the fourth time. She will make "a daring punch," she announced in a guest post in the "Sunday Times." She has not given up hope of convincing the numerous critics and "Bobs" on the frog-green rows of seats in the London Parliament. But to do that, Theresa probably needs a miracle.

Finally, the head of the opposition stated that all talks about a Brexit compromise failed and ended last week. And her ally DUP and members of her own party will again vote against the May deal.

Many wait impatiently for the prime minister to resign, hoping that her successor will finally put an end to the Brexit mess. But that won't happen. On the contrary, everything should get worse.

When Theresa can resign, her successor votes within the party. There is a clear favorite: Boris Johnson. Several factors suggest that the former Foreign Minister could actually become the next prime minister.

First, the conservative Tories need a Brexit supporter. The new Brexit party is in danger of becoming the strongest force in the European elections, the voters of which must bring back the conservatives. On the other hand, "BoJo" is popular with the party base and known in the country.

Even if Boris Johnson is provoked by provocative statements at home and abroad and is not very popular in his group, conservative MPs will figure out better odds with him in the next UK parliamentary election. Perhaps Theresa May clears the stage for Brexit-Boris.

But whoever may be the next prime minister, he (or she) will first travel to Brussels, declare that he wants to renegotiate what he has previously agreed, or that Britain will leave the EU without an agreement. Those who have hoped that the Brexit chaos will soon end are wrong. It threatens the Brexit Super GAU.

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