Biden uses Trump’s own words to present his case in a new announcement

The announcement, first obtained by CNN, presents a montage of Trump that says Biden’s name, followed by a narrator who states: “Donald Trump has made it clear that he has Joe Biden in mind because Trump knows that Biden will hit him in Pennsylvania , Michigan and Wisconsin. – States need to regain the presidency. “
The announcement appears when Biden remains focused on the campaign while the dispute between his progressive rivals, Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, is warming up. The long-standing truce of Warren and Sanders on the campaign path broke in recent days after a report indicating that Sanders substitutes were preparing discussion points to attack Warren in calls to potential Iowa caucus assistants The fight between the candidates intensified on Monday when Warren said Sanders “did not agree” with her that a woman could beat Trump. CNN had first informed the details of the conversation at the beginning of the day.

The announcement, and its timing, is an attempt by the Biden campaign to present itself as a candidate above the fray. The announcement also appears when Sanders has been generating more aggressive contrasts with the former vice president, blaming him for his war vote in Iraq and his social security record.

The announcement also reaches the central message of Biden in his campaign: that he is the Democrat best positioned to defeat Trump in November. Eligibility and victory in the general election have been a central component of the Biden campaign during the primaries.

“Number one, whomever we choose has to have a very good chance of beating Donald Trump, and you must decide who is better equipped and more likely to win,” Biden told voters in Anamosa, Iowa, early January. . “It’s not just based on what the survey says today, who is the candidate who can stand up and is the antithesis of who Donald Trump is. I think I am, but that’s for you to decide.”

The announcement is part of the $ 4 million investment that the campaign has made in the first state of caucus between November and the day of the caucus. The announcement will be broadcast on television for a day and will continue to be broadcast on Hulu and YouTube thereafter, accompanied by a video of an Iowa resident.


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