Angela Merkel on the tension with Trump: ‘has structural causes’

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in an interview with the Financial Times, described her difficult relationship with President TrumpDonald John Trump, Democratic lawmaker, says Nunes threatened to sue him for Parnas’ criticism: the US ambassador. UU. In Ukraine he retired to clear the way for the Bidens Five investigations that were taken from the Maddow de Parnas interview MORE for having “structural causes” caused by the greater separation between the United States and Europe.

“There has been a change,” he said. “President Obama has already talked about the Asian century, as seen from the perspective of the United States. This also means that Europe is no longer, so to speak, at the center of world events. “

“The approach of the United States in Europe is diminishing, that will be the case under any president,” he added.

The United States has separated from Europe on key foreign policy issues, including the withdrawal of Iran’s nuclear agreement in 2018. Trump has also expressed resentment towards Germany and European countries for his military spending and contributions to NATO.

Merkel said that Europeans needed to do more.

“We in Europe, and especially in Germany, have to take more responsibility,” he told the Times.

But Merkel also noted that Germany has increased its defense budget, calling it “a big step from Germany’s perspective.”

The German leader also stressed the importance of the relationship with the USA. UU. And he said “it is still crucial for me, particularly with regard to fundamental issues related to values ​​and interests in the world.”


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