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American police dog cannot be called "Rommel"

Updated April 8, 2019, 8:27 AM

Much annoyance about the name of a dog: a sheriff in the American state of Florida has caused a small outrage because of his new four-legged name "Rommel".

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After complaints about the identity of the name with Wehrmacht General Erwin Rommel, the ten-week-old hunting dog was renamed without renaming, as the Fox News station reported on Sunday evening (local time).

With the words "Welcome aboard, Clutter!", The sheriff's office proudly introduced the newcomer at the end of last week. Many followers did not like that. "Congratulations, you have silenced the poor dog," one of them wrote.

"Rommel" is now called "Scout"

The sheriff's office wrote that & # 39; clutter & # 39; was mentioned by the merchant as a pet from his youth. But now the dog was renamed "Scout".

Field Marshal Erwin Rommel (1891-1944) was, among other things, commander-in-chief of the German Afrika Korps during the Second World War. The initial military successes of the "desert fox" were exploited by Nazi propaganda.

Due to connections with the resistance, he was forced to commit suicide in 1944. His son Manfred Rommel (CDU, 1928-2013) was the mayor of Stuttgart.
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