America is driving Central American children to Mexico


DThe United States has for the first time deported children from Central America to Mexico, where they will have to wait to process their asylum applications. Ten minors, including nine younger than 13, were taken to the Mexican border town of Tijuana on Thursday, accompanied by adults, said the immigration office of Mexico (Inami).

Until now, the United States had sent adults back to the Latin American country only. In total, 73 Central American migrants from the United States have been brought to Mexico since the deportations started at the end of January.

At the end of December, according to the Department of Homeland Security, America had agreed with Mexico to follow a procedure for the expulsion of Central American asylum seekers. The Mexican government, on the other hand, is talking about a unilateral decision by the United States. So far, Mexico has refused to resume non-Mexican migrants, but for humanitarian reasons.

The fact that children were deported was sharply criticized by the human rights organization Human Rights First. The return of the children to one of the most dangerous places in the world, where they can become victims of violence and human trafficking, is a new low, said the director of the organization, Eleanor Acer.

In the border town of Piedras Negras, opposite the American city of Eagle Pass in Texas, more than 1,500 migrants from Central America have sought accommodation for several days. Some take the dangerous crossing of the Rio Bravo itself. The majority of migrants arriving at the border between the United States and Mexico come from Central America. They fled their country of violence and poverty and hope for asylum in America. So far, the migrants have been accommodated in the further processing of their application on the American side.