Amazon Summit: "For the survival of our planet"


The rainforest includes several states – they have discussed at a summit how it can be better protected. The Brazilian president Bolsonaro also sent a message.

In view of the heavy fires in the rain forest, seven heads of state and government of the riparian states of the Amazon have signed a pact to reach agreement on better protective measures. Named after the city of Leticia in the three-country region between Peru, Colombia and Brazil, the pact aims to set up a joint cooperation network for the exchange of weather data and information on illegal logging and mines.

Leticia organized the one-day summit of presidents from Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia. The vice-president of Suriname and the minister of the Environment of Guyana also participated. As an introduction, Colombian President Ivan Duque welcomed the government representatives of the region to a traditional hut of indigenous communities in the jungle. There they were greeted by dancers with feather headdresses. Several conference participants even wore traditional jewelry from the Amazon region to show their appreciation.

Bolsonaro track against international aid

But the Amazon summit also showed ideological trenches: Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, who was unable to attend due to an upcoming medical intervention, was represented by high-level foreign minister Ernest Araújo. In a video clip, however, he called on the other participants at the summit to oppose the internationalization of rainforest conservation: "We must take a strong position and defend our sovereignty so that every country can develop the best policy for the Amazon," said he. "We cannot give that to other countries.

Duque regretted that the Amazon has lost thousands of hectares of rainforest in recent years due to the illegal construction of new grassland and arable land through cracks and fires. He argued for the protection of the rainforest. "Amazonia is our heritage, subject to our sovereignty, but we can share it with the world, it is a treasure that we must all guard together," he said, recalling the role of the forest in the world's climate: " This is crucial for the survival of our planet ".

Morales sings the message

Bolsonaro also reiterated his accusation of colonialism he had made against the G7 following the provision of a multinational rainforest relief fund. Brazil is the hardest hit by the fires in the world's largest tropical forest – but the right-wing Bolsonaro was reluctant to conduct firefighting and rescue operations. This had brought him enormous international criticism.

Bolivia & # 39; s president Evo Morales started a song about the destruction of the environment and the exhaustion of nature. He said that people must return to a harmonious relationship with Mother Earth. He received a lot of applause during his presentation.

Morales himself was recently criticized for reacting only very hesitantly, as set on fire in large areas in Bolivia in recent weeks.

The Tagesschau reported on this subject on 07. September 2019 at 04:52.



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