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After a heated exchange with Trump, a CNN reporter loses his accreditation at the White House

The presidency justified his decision by saying that Jim Acosta had "put his hand" on a trainee. Is betrayed by the chain.

The trainee from the White House is trying to pick up Jim Acosta's microphone at President Trump's press conference on 7 November.

The White House announced the suspension on Wednesday, November 7 "Until further notice" the accreditation of a CNN journalist, after heated exchanges with the US president at a press conference held after the results of the midterm elections.

"I have just denied access to the White House", confirmed on Twitter Jim Acosta, regular target of critics and apostrophe "Fake news" Donald Trump.

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"Fraudulent costs"

At the time of the president with the media, Mr. Acosta made a verbal battle with the Republican, who no longer wanted to answer him. The journalist then refused to return the microphone to a member of the White House team. The young woman tried to take her hands and the two people's arms were touched very briefly.

"President Trump believes in a free press (…) We will never tolerate a reporter putting a young woman on her heels to run her internship at the White House", tweeted Sarah Sanders, spokesperson for the American CEO.

"After today's incident [mercredi], the White House suspends the permanent accreditation of the reporter concerned until further notice »M continuedme Sanders, without ever directly appointing the journalist.

"In her explanation, spokeswoman Sarah Sanders lied, she provided fraudulent accusations and called an event that never happened.", CNN responded in a statement. The channel also supported Mr Acosta and was concerned about a "Unprecedented decision"who is that "A threat to our democracy".

An association representing the presidential press has urged the White House to "Immediately canceled this weak and misguided action". A response she describes as "Disproportionate" and "Unacceptable."

Electric atmosphere

This is not the first time that this reporter has suffered the anger of the President of the United States. But on Wednesday the atmosphere was particularly electric between the tenant of the White House and several journalists.

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"That's enough, make the microphone"Trump told Jim Acosta after a long tense exchange following a question about the "caravan" of migrants from Central America. The reporter then continued to interrogate the president, who moved away from the desk not to answer.

"CNN should be ashamed to use you, you are very rude and a terrible person"the billionaire told him. The journalist who succeeded Mr. Acosta at the microphone took the defense of his colleague, greeting him as one "Scrupulous reporter".

"I'm not one of your big fans to be honest", and "You are not the best"replied Mr. Trump before answering his question. He also silenced another CNN reporter, April Ryan, who tried to ask him a question without the microphone.

The president then accused a black journalist of asking a question & # 39; Racist & # 39; after asking him about his rhetoric "Nationalist" who would have played the game of white supremacists. "I am covered [médiatique] very inaccurate ", he said. "I could do something fantastic and she did [les journalistes] would do something bad. "

"Enemies of the people"

At the end of the press conference, which lasted almost 1:30, the tenant of the White House said he hoped that "The tone can improve". "But it starts with the media"he warned: "I make the blows and I do not fight for me, but for the people of this country".

The 45e President of the United States has very bad relations with a part of the press of his country and accuses those he calls the country "Fake news" the ones "Enemies of the people". Last week he accused them of spawning the "Violence" in America after the worst anti-Semitic slaughter ever in the country, in a synagogue in Pittsburgh, and sending packet bombs to personalities and institutions hostile to his government.

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