Home world According to the media report: Russia stationed atomic bomb in Crimea

According to the media report: Russia stationed atomic bomb in Crimea

RAccording to a media report, ussland has decided to place bombers capable of acquiring nuclear weapons in Crimea. The Tupulev Tu-22M3 aircraft was to be housed at Gwardeyskoye Air Force Base, the RIA news agency reported Monday, citing Russian MP Viktor Bondarev, chairman of the Federation Council Defense Council.

The decision was a response to the deployment of American missile defense systems in Romania. Russia had annexed the Crimea in 2014.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin hopes for better relations with Ukraine if the presidential election ends in just over two weeks.

Putin speaks about "Russophobia"

"I hope that the wave of Russophobia-driven election campaign will soon fade and that at least all the conditions for the development of inter-state relations will be created," the Kremlin chief said during a visit to the Black Sea Peninsula on Monday Crimea from the Interfax news agency.

According to Putin there is no hostility between the peoples of both countries. "There is only a lack of understanding with the current government, with which we can hardly cook porridge and achieve a positive result in the development of our relationships."

Once common sense has been established, Russia will build high-level neighbor relations, Putin said.


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