A "caravan" of Honduran migrants comes to the American countryside


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In Ciudad Hidalgo, on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, on 19 October.
In Ciudad Hidalgo, on the border between Guatemala and Mexico, on 19 October. EDGARD GARRIDO / REUTERS

Thousands of Hondurans forced the border crossing between Guatemala and Mexico in the face of outdated Guatemalan policemen on Friday (October 19). The pressure of US President Donald Trump to stop this "caravan" of migrants did not discourage participants from continuing their journey to the United States. That day, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Mexico City, visited full migratory tensions between the two countries.

"Let's go! " shouted the crowd of migrants before the fragile grid of one of the bridges separating Guatemala and Mexico was broken. A few meters further the "caravan" was stopped by thick metal bars that the migrants tried to break. In a chaotic atmosphere, the four hundred Mexican riot police fired tear gas for the occasion and succeeded in restoring order. The migrants were then filtered in small groups by the migration services, in a stifling heat. The images broadcast by the Mexican media allowed women and children to collapse on the ground, exhausted by their journey of more than 670 kilometers on foot, or hitchhiking to the lucky ones.

"We are friends, but sovereign countries"

Approximately 2,000 migrants left San Pedro Sula, the second largest city in Honduras, on Saturday (October 13), responding to a call on social networks. On the way their "caravans" were accompanied by other candidates for the American dream, which brought their number to 6,000 according to the organizers of the "caravan", 3,000 according to the Mexican authorities.

Enraged, Donald Trump waved a possible refuge on Thursday to close the border with Mexico if his neighbor from the south would not stop this human tide. The President of the United States also threatened to cut off American aid to the Central American countries. "The Mexican migration policy is only determined by Mexicoreplied, on Friday, Mexican Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray Caso. We are friends, but sovereign countries. " By his side Mr. Pompeo said that "President Trump has been clear about the main theme that we face today (…). immigration [clandestine] comes at a crisis level. "