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Washington has lost its prestige in the eyes of the world community, it is not known whether the United States will be able to exist for another two years under current President Joe Biden. About this on Sunday, November 6, former US President Donald Trump.

“This country – I don’t know if it can last another two years. That’s what’s happening to her. You need to come and vote for this guy. He is a good man,” he said during a speech in Pennsylvania in support of his fellow party members. The performance was broadcast by C-SPAN.

According to Trump, the United States has lost the respect of all countries, and this is the first time this has happened.

“There is nothing good that I could say about the state of this country,” the former US president emphasized.

In addition, Trump urged voters to vote Republican in the upcoming U.S. congressional elections in order to “prevent the destruction of their country and save the American dream.”

On October 31, US Republican Senator John Barrasso said that Biden had done a lot of things during his reign that had weakened the country. According to him, the White House administration is under the influence of “climate extremists” who are strangling American energy. At the same time, with the connivance of Biden, other events took place that weakened the United States – a surge in inflation and a colossal increase in crime.

Before that, on October 29, it was reported that 57% of Americans believe that Biden should not run for a second presidential term in 2024. According to 43% of Democratic respondents, someone else should become a candidate from the political force in the 2024 elections, 35% support the candidacy of the incumbent president. In the case of the Republican Party, 47% of their supporters would support Trump’s candidacy.

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On October 23, a member of the US Congress, Claudia Tenney, said that the United States is not actually controlled by Biden, but by a “shadow government.” According to her, the American leader sets out the theses that he is given. Tenney clarified that cognitive problems prevent Biden from being competent enough to be the president of the country.

Trump was President of the United States from January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2021. Incumbent President Biden took office on January 20, 2021. He is the oldest president in American history.

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