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Update time:July 23, 2022 23:50

Video introduction:The main contents of this program: 1. The song “Left Fingers the Moon” sung by: Little Tang Dynasty Group; 2. The song “Red Sun” sung by: Li Keqin; 3. The song “Using My All to Run to You” sung: Zhou Bichang; 4. The song “Do you want to dance” sung by: Zhou Shen; 5. The song “New Boy” sung by: Tan Songyun; 6. The song “A Glass of Wine” sung by: Maize; 7. The song “One Meat and One Vegetarian” sung by: Zhong Zhentao and Mao Xiaotong; 8 .Song “The Sound of Snow Falling” sung by: Qin Lan; 9. Song “Dark Fragrance” sung by: Sha Baoliang; 10. Song “Proud Boy” sung: South and North War; 11. Song “Me under the Stars” sung: Dai Yutong; 12. The song “Love 1910” sung by Liu Yuning, Modern Brothers; 13. The song “Birthday Blessings” sung by: Gege; 14. The song “You Are Great in Struggle” sung by: Zhang Yixing; 15. The song “Flowers All the Way” Singing: Song Zuer Hao Yunshu; 16. Song “Write Poems for You” Singing: Wu Kequn; 17. Song “Promise” Singing: Jin Tingting. (“Wonderful Music Festival” 20220723 2022 Stars Concert Series 6)

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