Woman prosecuted for abuse and commercialization of animals

In the last few hours, Gladys Alicia Enciso was prosecuted for the crime of mistreatment and commercialization of animals in a pet sales establishment located in the town of Chapinero.

According to the Prosecutor’s Office, the animals were in a precarious state of health and nutrition, they were without vaccines, without water at their disposal and, apparently, they were sold with less than three months of life, a fact that is prohibited by environmental regulations.

The condition of these animals was discovered after the District Institute for Animal Protection and Welfare, IDPYBAwill carry out several inspections of the commercial premises, between May and August 2021, and after receiving a citizen complaint for the death of an animal that had been purchased in that place.

After the verifications carried out by the environmental authorities, 26 animals were recovered, including cats and dogs; two dogs died due to advanced symptoms of malnutrition, pneumonia, hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, among other conditions that are the product of lack of attention and care.

In the following trill, some images of the fact and rescue of the animals are observed:

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