Woman bitten by a stray dog, fear in Vitulazio

Moments of fear a Vitulazio where a donna was bitten by a stray dog. It happened in via Kennedy, where a small but particularly aggressive dog attacked a woman, biting her and tearing her leggings with several bites on her legs as reported by today’s edition of the newspaper The morning.

Vitulazio, woman bitten by a stray dog

Thanks to her quick reflexes, the woman managed to escape, forcing the cane to let go. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case. Just think that a Cells last August a whole one feline colony she was annihilated by a pack of stray dogs.

In this regard, Giuseppe Vitale, president of the Big Brother Ambiente association intervened: “We have been reporting the presence of various packs of stray dogs for years, every year they increase more and more and are more and more aggressive, chicken coops and pets are continuously under attack, despite their raids, people are tired of reporting and even to complain, now they just count the damage and hope it won’t happen again“.

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