Wolf shot near Bellinzona

Another wolf was shot in Bellinzona TI. The animal had previously caused damage to livestock.


the essentials in brief

  • Another wolf was shot in Bellinzona.
  • The animal was killed near a sheep pen in Lumino.
  • The wolf had previously caused damage to livestock.

Another wolf was shot in Ticino. The animal was killed in Lumino near a sheepfold, the Ticino Office for Hunting and Fishing announced on Tuesday.

The government had approved the shooting of the wolf on December 21 after damage to livestock. A wolf had already been shot in the Blenio Valley at the beginning of December last year.

Numerous reports of livestock damage

Wolves have also been sighted in the Magadino Plain, the Onsernone Valley and the Val Colla in recent months. There were also numerous reports of damage to livestock.

Last spring, after a sheep was killed in the Maggia Valley, farmers laid dead sheep in front of the government building in Bellinzona in protest. They called for more effective measures against wolf attacks.

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