With several superheroes, Daniella Álvarez celebrated her nephew’s birthday


Daniella Álvarez continues to demonstrate that her recovery is going very well and with her beautiful energy she accompanied her little nephew in celebrating his birthday.

The presenter published a gallery where she showed the moment when she enters a room in her wheelchair and carries her nephew on her legs Milan who is celebrating his sixth birthday.

Upon entering the room, decorated with images of different superheroes, the emotion was so great that the child He shouted with excitement and the other family members who were in the same place did the same.

Along with the gallery of images and videos, Daniella published a message in which she showed how excited she is for celebrate the birthday of his sister Andrea Álvarez’s son.

“How wonderful to be able to celebrate my 6th birthday with my nephew Milan. Here is the moment of happiness when she saw her birthday as Super Heroes “Daniella wrote in the post.

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The images also show that after the celebration her nephew and her two brothers Andrea and Ricky Álvarez accompanied her to take a breath in the park, as Daniella usually does.

The celebration was very well received on social networks where many of her thousands of followers sent her a message congratulating her on the celebration for her nephew.

“Being an aunt is the best”, “What a beauty Dani! My heart moves with those great moments “,” What beauty Dani, my heart moves with those great moments “,” Beautiful everything Dani, everyone is pure love, happy birthday to that beautiful doll “, were some of the comments received by Daniella’s publication.

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