With its long neck and its spots, this dog looks like a giraffe – Unusual

With his long neck and his stains

Are you going to find out who Brodie looks like?

A very long neck and spots that make it look like a giraffe

Is it a dog or a giraffe? Brodie is an Azawakh dog, a breed that is related to the greyhound and the whippet. An animal that has the distinction of having a very large neck and spots that make it look like a ruminant.

This unique dog has come a long way. Run over by a car as a puppy, the animal was neglected and rescued by its current owner.

Brodie had to have a leg and shoulder amputated as a result of this accident. This amputation gives the animal an even more elongated appearance: “it has a very long neck, but it looks ridiculously long from certain angles because its missing shoulder makes it thinner at the base of its neck”, explains its owner whose comments were relayed by the People site.

“He always took my breath away”

“Brodie is absolutely the most beautiful dog that I think I will lay eyes on (…) Even in the state in which Brodie was when I saw him for the first time, unable to walk suffering so much, he made me feel always took my breath away ”.

“Brodie is the dog I turn to when I have to stop feeling sorry for myself. I will never hurt as much as him, and he went through everything as if nothing had happened and with a smile on his face, ”she added.

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