With inclusive education as a central theme, the Federal Council on Disability ended in Ushuaia

This Wednesday, April 19 and Thursday, April 20, a new ordinary assembly of the Federal Council on Disability was held in the province of Tierra del Fuego, whose central theme was “Inclusive Education”, presented by the province of La Pampa, through Ladio Scheer Becher, General Director of Inclusive Education Transversality of the Ministry of Education of the province.

“We came to share the experience of La Pampa in terms of inclusive education, its progress and challenges, together with the educational community that we have been building every day,” said the Pampas official and celebrated having been invited to participate in COFEDIS since ” This call is very important to be able to unify criteria among all the provinces to continue advancing on the path to education for all, fairer, quality and inclusive”.

Likewise, during this new assembly, the renewal of COFEDIS authorities was carried out, resulting in re-elected as vice president of the space the Undersecretary of Disability, Rehabilitation and Inclusion of the province of Córdoba, Dr. María Teresa Puga.

Also, the governmental and non-governmental representatives were defined before the Articulation Council of programs for people with disabilities (FONADIS), before the Directory of the Basic Benefits System for people with disabilities, before the Technical Committee of guide and assistance dogs and the Committee for the selection of people and entities that will be recognized by the Poblete and Grumberg awards.

Finally, Galarraga together with the national directors of the National Agency for Disability, presented the ANDIS management report for the first quarter of the year and the city of Paraná in Entre Ríos was designated as the next venue for the 95th Ordinary Assembly of the Council Disability Federal.

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The Federal Council on Disability is a space for dialogue and planning of public policies, where the representatives of government agencies and civil society organizations from each of the provinces, aim to consider the issue of disability as a transversal axis of the lines of action of the national, provincial and municipal governments.

94th Ordinary Assembly of COFEDIS

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