With “Animal”, the Quebec company Alfonse makes its circus in La Rochelle

The circus company Alphonse, straight from Quebec, is on tour in France with his show Animal. From November 22 to 26, 2022, she arrives on the stage of the Grand Théâtre de la Coursive in La Rochelle. Between acrobatics and comic moments, their show is a totally crazy animal fable.

Animal mixes genres, between circus, dance, singing and theatre. “It’s really a multidisciplinary show, there is circus, dance, music. The music is very present, we are inspired by Quebec folklore for all the songs“, explains Julie Carabinier, acrobat and dancer who is part of the company.

A beautiful family history

This company was born from a beautiful family history in Saint-Alphonse, a village in Quebec. “15 years ago, my son was in the circus and he wanted to start his own circus. For my part, I have always liked it. And so he said to me: dad, for your 60th birthday we are going to put on a little show”, says Alain Carabinier, founder of the Alfonse circus. By dint of hard work and enthusiasm, the family troupe quickly had success.

Our second creation was a show about lumberjacks and it worked so well that we went to play it all over the world. Since that time, we continued the tours and we made two other creations“, Explain Julie Carabinier. The Quebec company remains in France with dates scheduled for December in the cities of Sète and Mont-de-Marsan.

“Animal”. Until November 26, 2022. Information and ticketing on the La Coursive website.

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