With a new trainer: Wolfsburg’s top league volleyball players want to secure early relegation


In the coming season, the VfL Wolfsburg volleyball players do not want to tremble again until the last matchday for relegation in the league. “It was pretty annoying,” says Vivien Wagner about the past season. “We want to move in the safe middle of the table.” For this task, the VfL volleyball players in Markus Weber have hired a new coach who had trained the men of the USC Braunschweig in the 2nd Bundesliga until the end of last season. His predecessor, Torsten Galgonek, resigned for personal reasons.Curios: Weber was the successor to Galonek at USC and had taken over Braunschweig in January 2017.

After the summer break, the season begins for the Wolfsburgers before the new season in Oberliga 3 begins with seven teams in mid-September. The VfLerinnen are dealing with SV Nienhagen, TG 1860 Münden, Turn-Klubb zu Hannover, ASC 46 Göttingen, VC Nienburg and USC Braunschweig II, only the first three teams also played against Wolfsburg last season. Wagner sees this positively: “You go to the games impartially and don’t look at which players are there and which are missing.”

Except for Trainer Weber, there are no external access points at VfL. Assistant coach Harald Schlord will remain with the VfLerinnen. Mareike Kluske comes back from the baby break, “” we hope that she will be available again soon, “says Wagner. Anja Schlegelmilch, on the other hand, has ended her career, and Christin Heißner seriously injured herself during training.” We do not know whether it will even be available to us this season, “says Wagner. Heissner had only recovered from a ligament tear from the previous season and had regained its shape.” This is a bitter loss for us. We hope that it will be restored soon is better, ”says Wagner.

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