with 1,800 he ate and paid rent”

“By vocation I did miracles with the beca that my faculty gave me, but I would not do it again”, assures the Dr. Laura, originally from Moreloswho received 1,800 pesos a month with which he fed himself and paid rent and transportation during his social service in Ecatepec.

Being a person with the vocation to provide help to others without receiving anything in return, the now Orthopedic specialist accepted the offer. However, she was not prepared for what she was going to experience in the emergency clinic in which she was offered the opportunity to enter.

He remembers that when he arrived at the San Agustín neighborhood, where the Family Medicine Unit from IMSS 92, he thought that everything would be cheap because of the short distance to the clinic, but no.

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“Initially I spent almost two thousand pesos on rent because I looked for a room in good condition. I only had about 400 left, which in my calculations was enough for me because I would walk to the hospital and the food expenses would be covered by my father,” he says.

The graduate of Universidad Autónoma del Estado de Morelos She did not realize that there is a lot of crime in the area and she asked her father to borrow a car to get around, because she was robbed.

“My dad is an old-school general practitioner who, if he barely ate on his watch, took it as a credit. So I pretended to be strong and didn’t tell him anything, but secretly, with the help of my mother, I paid for that expense, “he tells THE UNIVERSAL.

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Between payments for gasoline, fast food, rent and supplies for her patients Laura went into a strong anxiety crisis that caused her to lose almost half of her hair for fear of not meeting the standard expected of a doctor.

Due to this experience, Laura was about to abandon her career for fear of receiving a precarious salary.

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