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The media interest in the film’s production of Doda, her husband Emil Stępień and Maria Sadowska “Girls from Dubai” is growing. The artists reveal more and more details about him every now and then. More photos of the cast just hit the net.

The whole of Poland lived a few years ago about young women who often provided humiliating sexual services in the Middle East. In 2018, Piotr Krysiak wrote a report about them ” Dubai girls “, on the basis of which the script of the film was created. It will be produced by Doda and her husband Emil Stępień . Maria Sadowska will be behind the camera.

From the preliminary premises, it is known that the film will introduce the story of one girl, but her fate will be based on the stories of many women.

Iwona Węgrowska breaks the silence: “I’ve never been to Dubai in my life!”

On the screen we will see how an insecure small town girl enters the “dirty business” and then becomes its boss.


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