Wirecard scandal: Filipino officials forged entry from ex-board


A key figure in the billion-dollar balance sheet scandal surrounding the insolvent Dax group Wirecard may not have traveled to China via the Philippines. The data, which should document the entry and exit of the former board member Jan Marsalek at the end of June, are falsified, said the Philippine Justice Minister Menardo Guevarra. This resulted in an examination of the recordings from surveillance cameras, passenger lists and other material.

“The immigration officials who made these fictitious entries have been released from their duties and are now facing administrative penalties,” said Guevarra. He ordered further investigations into the case. He did not comment on a possible motive and the number of suspects.

Wirecard had admitted in June that company funds booked in Asian trust accounts very probably do not exist – and had filed for bankruptcy last week. The missing money was said to be in accounts with two Filipino banks that denied any connection with Wirecard.

Marsalek was fired on June 18 after auditor EY refused to approve Wirecard’s accounts. The company owed creditors nearly $ 4 billion before its bankruptcy.

The missing board

The day before Wirecard’s admission to insolvency, Marsalek had announced to confidants that he would face up, as SPIEGEL reported. He should be heard this Tuesday. But that never happened, Marsalek’s trail, as was previously assumed, was lost in the Philippines a good ten days ago. Instead, it is becoming increasingly clear that Marsalek, together with ex-chief Markus Braun, who was briefly detained, is at the center of what may be the largest fraud case in German stock market history. The lawyers of the two do not comment on the allegations, referring to the ongoing investigation.

Even close confidants Jan Marsalek currently does not reveal where he is. Those who are currently chatting with the former Wirecard manager will be answered by Marsalek. Which country or continent he sends his messages from remains a mystery. The police temporarily sealed Marsalek’s apartment on the third floor of a rental and office building at Isartor in Munich. His girlfriend, who works in the fashion industry, has deleted her social media profiles.

“We are an island nation and there are back doors”

Filipino Justice Minister Guevarra said that despite the falsified documents, it is possible that Marsalek could be in the country: “Despite the immigration report, I don’t completely rule out the possibility that Marsalek might be in the Philippines.” The Philippines is an island nation and there are back doors through which undocumented foreigners can slip through, he said. Earlier documents had shown that Marsalek was in the Philippines from March 3 to 5.

The Munich public prosecutor’s office is investigating the Austrians Braun and Marsalek on suspicion of incorrect information and market manipulation, whereby the circle of suspects has expanded to include the entire Wirecard board.

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