WIRECARD Jan Marsalek – the fear of certain circles of the revelation of a data octopus



Munich, Zurich, Monaco, Dubai, Singapore there is hardly a topic in elite circles that is currently more polarizing. Wirecard, the Phantom Marsalek and missing millions.

What is it really about? To get a COO named Jan Marsalek (https://www.handelsblatt.com/audio/crime/podcast-handelsblatt-crime-1-vom-aufstieg-und-fall-eines-vermeintlichen-boersenwunderkindes/26124768.html?ticket=ST-777672-A7OyhfNQpX5BMEo5E5sP-ap4) who has gone into hiding with suitcases full of cash and is searched worldwide? About a top manager who has blinded the elite, bought contacts with money and wants to write himself down in the history books of German economic scandals as a top spy? Money, greed, power of a shrewd impostor and adrenaline junkie? One could see it that way, but that would probably only be one side of the coin and a somewhat naive idea of ​​an economic scandal.

The real value of Wirecard was not in the issuing and acquirer management, but rather in the resulting databases of the customers of the former payment processor. Data that could be interesting but also dangerous for certain groups such as marketing, cartels, corporations, banks, stock exchanges, investors, authorities and politics. Payment processes leave traces that offer enough potential to cause well-off private customers, top-class elitist circles from business, trade and industry as well as politics to find explanations.
Cui bono? For this data there are powerful and financially strong buyers worldwide who, in addition to money, also provide one or the other convenience such as protection and security. As with any good business, dependencies are created as long as both sides participate and the ruble is rolling. Conversely, data is released quid pro quo as long as there is interest or the amount of data has not been exhausted.
Marsalek is forced to stay in the game in order not to become uninteresting. Repulsion effects or incipient disinterest are life-threatening and silent disposal is part of the daily business of certain circles. Bounty hunters and international mug shots make the situation even more difficult.
Only the fugitive himself knows how long he can withstand this pressure and live with it.


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