Winter 2022: Five tips to take care of your dog from the cold

Nature is wise, that’s why all the domestic animals se they protect themselves from the cold by covering themselves with thick layers of hair, feathers or subcutaneous fat that help them maintain temperature, providing good insulation. But, in addition, they are homeothermsthat is, they have mechanisms to maintain temperature by themselves.

In any case, we know that many times the effect of the cold on our dogs causes us great concern, especially when it comes to puppies or adults.

For this reason, and to prevent them and take care of them from the intense cold that the winter season that has just begun will bring, we give you five tips to counteract low temperatures:

1. The first thing that can be done is to let the animal protect itself inside our home, laying a rug on the floor or covering it with a blanket in case of very low temperatures or if our pet does not have hair.​

2- Dog pullovers are not recommended, because they crush the fur and do not allow the natural insulation mechanism exerted by the hairs to take place.


3- It is very important to keep the vaccination book up to date, And, in the case of cold, it is essential that our dog pet is vaccinated with the sixfold. In addition, they must be properly dewormed and very well fed, with adequate nutrients, to protect it much better.

4.. It is essential to keep our pet well groomed and without knots, since in places where they have knots the defense mechanism is not effective, in addition to being able to avoid bathing. If you want to bathe them, it is advisable to dry them in a warm place and prevent water from entering their ears to prevent otitis.

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5- During the winter season it is very convenient avoid haircutsbecause their fur is the main shock absorber of low temperatures.


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