Winnipeg on track to complete new pet ownership bylaw

The committee still supports the idea of ​​preventing cats and dogs from being left unattended in a vehicle in cold or hot weather, when the temperature drops to -10°C or colder, or when it reaches 22°C and more.

The committee adjusts this measure to include all types of animals.

In 2021, according to city documents, the Winnipeg Fire and Emergency Medical Service responded to 88 calls about animals left in cars.

Dog owners are divided on this measure.

I don’t think any dog ​​wants to sit in the cold unless humans choose for them., said Mishel Staropinets, met at the Maple Grove dog park in Winnipeg.

Mishel Staropinets owns a dog in Winnipeg

Photo : Radio-Canada / Amine Ellatify

Another dog owner reports that his pet is not bothered by the cold.

<q data-attributes="{"lang":{"value":"fr","label":"Français","data":{"id":"fr","name":"Français"}},"value":{"html":"Je peux mettre mon chien dehors quand il fait -40°C and he doesn’t want to come in”,”text”:”I can put my dog ​​outside when it’s -40°C and he doesn’t want to come in”}}”>I can put my dog ​​outside when it’s -40°C and he doesn’t want to come in, lance Nick Lisny.

End the trap

Revised Pet Ownership Regulations will ban certain traps that may maim or entrap innocent animals.

Councilors who are members of the Community Services and Parks Safety Committee heard on Friday the testimony of Cathy Gagnon, who saw her animal die in January 2021. Her dog was trapped on private property.

My dog ​​was viciously attacked, slowly dying, killed because of a man who had set a trap on her property near the public land we were walking on, she said.

Among the other points on which amendments were discussed, there is the sterilization of animals in shelters and the ban on tying up your dog and leaving it outside unsupervised.

Lawyer for the animal rights organization Animal Justice, Kaitlyn Mitchell welcomes the proposed changes to municipal regulations.

Winnipeg animal regulations are outdated. It no longer responds to a large number of problems such as overpopulation of dogs and cats, she says.

I hope that by revising its animal regulations, it will not only protect the lives of pets, but also the wildlife that call Winnipeg home., ajoute Kaitlyn Mitchell.

In particular, it refers to the proposed ban on intentionally feeding wild animals, such as birds or white-tailed deer.

The proposed changes to the bylaw are expected to be presented to the City of Winnipeg Executive Committee next week.

The public will be able to vote on the new version of the by-law during the months of January and February, indicates the City’s website.

The amended bylaw will be submitted to city council for a vote by July 1, 2022, according to a city document.

With information from Anne-Louise Michel

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