WINNER will finally hold an online concert at the end of the year tomorrow! “I’ve prepared the best gift for you, so please enjoy it with me” – Kstyle


WINNER’s online concert is finally approaching the day before. It is expected to present a warm end of the year with a warm musical exchange as well as a unique pleasant charm.

WINNER will hold the “WINNER LIVE STAGE [WHITE HOLIDAY]” will be held. Following the Seoul concert in May and the guerrilla performance at Yeouido Hangang Park in July, it is a special moment as it marks the finale of 2022 with fans.

As you can see from the title, romantic music that will soothe the cold of winter was announced, and the quality of the concert also raised expectations. A band session that has been working with WINNER for a long time and has produced the best synergy has participated in order to improve the completeness of the performance.

It’s an online performance, but I’m looking forward to realizing a sense of realism and rich sound that can’t be beaten by offline performances. The band performance arranged according to the well-structured set list and WINNER’s overwhelming live performance are expected to increase the satisfaction of the fans.

Not only the stage, but also the range of interaction was actively expanded. Beyond one-way performances, they respond to the reactions of fans around the world in real time and communicate happily. Various corners will be prepared, and at the same time it will be full of highlights, and at the same time, we will try to communicate emotionally as if we were actually in the same space.

WINNER said, “Thanks to the passionate support of the INNER CIRCLE (WINNER fans), we were able to work hard this year as well. I want to conclude 2022. I have prepared the best gift for you, so please enjoy it together.”

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「WINNER LIVE STAGE [WHITE HOLIDAY]” will be on sale until 8 pm on the 29th of the day of the concert, and anyone who is a member of WINNER’s Weverse SHOP can purchase it. Those who purchase will be provided with online live streaming tickets, two delayed streaming tickets, Weverse privilege emblems, and more. Details can be found on YG’s official website and Weverse.

Reporter: Ji Min Kyung

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