Wind music district Fürstenfeld: musicians played at the general assembly (+ video)

At the general assembly of the Fürstenfeld brass music district, the songs resounded through the Burgau palace gardens.

FURSTENFELD. The musicians of the Fürstenfeld wind music district looked at one and a half extremely challenging years at the previous General Assembly, which, due to the corona, was held for the first time in the open air in the Burgau Castle Park. Numerous delegates from the six clubs in the Fürstenfeld music district accepted the invitation, as did the invited guests of honor, including LAbg. Hubert Lang, Vice Mayor Wolfgang Florian, President of the Austrian Brass Music Association and regional chairman Erich Riegler, Honorary Bandmaster Sepp Maier and Stefan Seifried from the District Commission Hartberg-Fürstenfeld. It could be seen that they were clearly enjoying the wind music that the members of the assembly played at the beginning, during and at the end of the session.

Little appearances – little income

“Although concerts, march music evaluations and the like fell victim to the pandemic, the district’s music associations were not idle and creative ideas arose to present themselves to the public. Since last year, the Bad Blumau music association has been wearing new costumes, the Großsteinbach music association is currently in the process of expanding and renovating his musicians’ home, “said District Chairman Karl Hackl, summarizing the events of the past year. While the district’s music bands attend over 300 events in a normal year, there were only 80 in 2020. And the number of collective rehearsals had also been reduced by almost half from 520 (in 2019) to 287 in 2020. “Due to the minimized opportunities to appear, the clubs’ income was also severely slowed down,” emphasized the district chairman, who took the opportunity to thank the representatives of the federal, state and local authorities for their financial support. This was the only way to make new purchases and invest in the modernization of the musicians’ homes.

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The songs sound again

After such a long period of musical abstinence, during which rehearsals in the group were not possible, it is incredibly good to finally be able to make music again in community and to exchange ideas, emphasized district conductor Bernhard Posch, who thanked the musicians for their loyalty: “Thanks for sticking with it and moving on.” Now the brass music carousel begins to turn again. And the musicians are optimistic about the future. Rehearsals in the clubs have resumed and the first events are also being planned. Am 25. September the Musikverein Ilz invites you to the big district music festival in the new Ilz center, one weekend before, namely on 17. September “Steirisch g´ celebrates” in Ottendorf.

Successful young brass musicians

In summer, however, the musicians want to take things a little easier. “Now it is important to promote the community and rebuild the groups. March and concert evaluations will not take place again until next year,” said District Staff Leader Sigi Gosch.
District youth officer Matthias Stadlober was able to report happy news from the youth. In 2020, 42 young people successfully completed their badges of achievement. So far this year, 66 young people have successfully completed their combined exams. And already this Saturday, on July 3rd, 11 young musicians will compete in the Kulturhaus Ilz for the examination for their district achievement badge. There are currently 566 active members in the Fürstenfeld music district, 308 of whom are under 30 years of age.

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