will they be presented on September 15?


IPHONE 12 – The iPhone 12 range will be available in four different versions. The keynote of September 15, however, would not allow us to know more. Here is the update on the latest smartphone from the apple.

[Mis à jour le 15 septembre 2020 à 12h08] The iPhone 12 is arguably one of the most anticipated smartphones this year. However, doubt remains in this month of September. Will the new iPhone line be presented on September 15? With the coronavirus pandemic, everything suggests that the phones of the apple brand are not ready for marketing. This situation inevitably has repercussions on the communication of the Cupertino company, more particularly for the keynote of September 15, which should therefore do without an iPhone for this year.

Instead, the new smartphones are expected in October, while Apple can adjust production. This information comes from leakers and specialized media, including Bloomberg. Currently, we can just wait for the start of the conference, which will take place at 7 p.m. French time, to find out whether the new iPhones will be there or not. While waiting for the presentation of the latter, here is what we know about the iPhone 12.

Apple has announced that a keynote will take place this Tuesday, September 15, at 7 p.m. French time. The American firm hinted that this event would allow it to unveil its new range of iWatch and iPad Air. But it is therefore not certain that the iPhone 12 will be presented on this day. Specialized American media – which are generally in the know – assure that Apple will organize another keynote, in October, devoted to its new smartphones. This is particularly the case of the very influential Jon Prosser, who evokes the date of October 12. According to him, Apple will not be able to present iPhones that are not produced and that will not be available in stores or online for a few weeks.

New iPhones for the end of the year, all over the world: this is Apple’s goal, which intends to flood the high tech markets for the fall, with Christmas shopping in its sights. The American firm has planned a large device for the sale of its iPhone 12, despite the health crisis that has severely affected its logistics platforms and its schedule: according to information from the reference media Bloomberg, 75 million new smartphones have been ordered in production, a volume as ambitious as that developed for the iPhone 11.

Scheduled for the month of September (the iPhone 11 was presented in early September in 2019 for marketing started on September 20), the iPhone 12 should still arrive weeks late in the Apple Stores this year. Blame it on the coronavirus health crisis and its economic impact with in particular a delay in the start of production or in the supply of certain components. At the end of July, during a conference call, a brand manager gave the trend. “This year we expect the supply to be available a few weeks later,” he said. Experts are counting on mid-October for a launch, which could only concern the two 6.1-inch models. Two other versions (5.4-inch and 6.7-inch) may not go on sale until November.

According to the indiscretions published in the American trade press – which overlap quite generally – we must expect the presentation of four iPhone 12: two mini and standard models, respectively available in 5.4 inches and 6.1 inches; a 6.1-inch Pro model and a Pro Max model, the same size.

Scheduled to hit the market before the end of 2020, the iPhone 12s are expected to pick up some new features and strengths from the iPhone 11 while introducing some new elements. If we stick to this, then the new iPhone 12 would not really be revolutionary and could even disappoint many potential buyers, especially as the competition at the top of the range is more and more demanding. What to remember about the equipment, according to rumors:

  • A new chip called Soc14 is announced and should allow to display improved performance.
  • This iPhone will certainly be the first of the brand to be compatible with 5G.
  • A new design is expected, with the possibility of the display notch being reduced.
  • The high-end versions (Pro Max and Pro) could benefit from 6GB of RAM memory against 4GB usually.
  • Photo sensors are expected to improve, like video with the possibility of filming in 4K quality. We should find the ultra-wide angle sensor introduced on the iPhone 11, but it is unlikely that the iPhone 12 will be equipped with a 12-megapixel photo sensor.
  • Rumors speak of a model equipped with a LiDAR sensor, like that of the iPad Pro. This sensor is known to experts for its ability to optimize augmented reality.
  • A model would be available in “midnight blue”, the green should be deleted.
  • Still a mystery about the autonomy, which had taken a step forward on the previous generation, but the latest rumors point to a wireless charging system for the iPhone 12.

The price of the iPhone 12 has long been a closely guarded secret, but it is starting to leak a few weeks (days?) From its presentation. It will in fact be close to that of the iPhone 11, Apple having managed to contain the increase despite the arrival of new 5G technology in its smartphone. MacRumors, however, bet on prices of the iPhone 12 up slightly, with a price of 749 dollars for a base model of 5.4 inches. The iPhone 12 in size 6.1 inches is announced by this specialized media between 749 dollars and 849 dollars.

It is quite likely that Apple will modify the design of its iPhone with this new range of iPhone 12. Specialists evoke a return to the lines that had made the success of the iPhone 4. On September 11, the blogger who holds the very influential account EverythingApplePro claimed to have had in hand the chassis of the iPhone 12 in size 6.1 inches. The latter even revealed in video what to expect, with just retouched photo sensors.

And in pictures? A few days ago, the SvetApple website proposed an image, incorporating the latest rumors on the visual.

Like what was done during the presentation of the iPhone 11, Apple should reveal several versions of its new smartphone, starting with a Pro version. In particular, it would offer a triple photo-video sensor including a 3D version, increased RAM memory. Apple should also present two screen sizes, one classic, the other “Max” larger and which can be chosen on the iPhone 12 version as iPhone 12 Pro. This should benefit from improved performance. A screen resolution of 120 Hertz instead of the 60 Hz of the standard version is thus expected … But it is not certain.

In addition to the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, a new kid may also be available in stores soon, according to several US sites: the iPhone 12 mini. As its name suggests, it will be smaller than its big brothers, with a size of 5.4 “against 6.7” for the most powerful smartphone in this range. It should also be cheaper than the others. Apple enthusiasts can be patient with this news, as well as with the information in this article, while waiting for the probable release of the new line in October 2020.

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