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Do Kyk Debt Pass to Spouse?

One of the questions that most interests candidates receiving student loans from KYK is whether their student loans will be canceled in the event of marriage. There is no information in the legislation of the credit and hostel institution that debts are settled in case of marriage.

How Much is Cyprus KYK Scholarship 2022?

2022 HOW MUCH IS THE KYK SCHOLARSHIP AND LOAN AMOUNT? President Erdoğan said: “Next year we will increase the scholarships and loans to 850 liras for undergraduate students, 1700 liras for postgraduate students and 2550 liras for graduate students.” He said.

How can I pay off my KYK debt?

In case the students do not want to get the scholarship/loan they are receiving, https://www.turkiye.gov.tr/kyk-kredi-burs-iptal- Scholarship/Loan Waiver (Cancellation) is required via the application link.

How Much is Cyprus KYK Scholarship?

After this statement, the amount of grants and loans to be awarded in the TRNC became a matter of curiosity. For students studying in the TRNC, the scholarship and loan amount increased from 664 TL to 785 TL for 2021. Students studying in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus who receive a scholarship or loan from KYK will receive a payment of 785 TL in January 2021.

Is there a KYK scholarship in Cyprus?

In the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus – TRNC All students who are citizens of the Republic of Turkey are eligible for the KYK Scholarship or Loan Facility if the necessary applications are made and approved. There is no difference among students in Turkey in this regard.

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What happens when the KYK debt goes to the military?

When the payment terms of those who are not yet due have expired and who have paid their debt installments with military service, the end of military service. until delayed. If the person who has KYK debt does not have an insured job after 2 years, they can ask KYK to defer that debt to the next year.

Does the spouse’s lien affect the other spouse?

Debts incurred or foreclosures incurred during the marriage affect only the debtor. If there is a foreclosure due to the husband’s debts, this has no effect on the wife. Only the husband’s salary is withheld. For example, if the house belongs to the spouse, the lien cannot move into the house.


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