Wildlife parkers hinder rescue workers: 17-year-old drowns


A 17-year-old from Darmstadt wanted to cool off in a quarry pond near Biblis on Saturday and drowned. Rescue workers were considerably more difficult to use.

DLRG helpers are working on bodies of water all over Germany.
(Photo: DLRG)

GROSS-ROHRHEIM / DARMSTADT – In search of cooling off in the summer heat, a 17-year-old from Darmstadt drowned on Saturday in a quarry pond between Groß Rohrheim and Biblis (Bergstrasse district). A companion had alerted the rescue control center and control center of the police shortly before 4 p.m., said the police headquarters in South Hesse.

After a search with the fire brigade, DLRG, police patrol and a helicopter had been initiated, the adolescent from Darmstadt could only be rescued lifeless from the water around 4.30 p.m. Resuscitation attempts have remained in vain.

As the fire brigades of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and the DLRG district association Bergstrasse announced on Facebook, the various emergency services were “significantly hindered” by unauthorized vehicles. An initiation of the corresponding rescue measures was therefore only possible with a delay.

According to police, the 17-year-old could not swim. When he got into trouble because of the steep bank of the lake, his companion – also a non-swimmer – tried to help him, but was unable to save him.

According to the information, the quarry pond is not public water and belongs to a company. Access and swimming should be prohibited there with appropriate signs.


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