WIDM dropout explains where it went wrong


Note: this article contains spoilers!

Nadja Hüpscher is the second participant in the anniversary season of Who is the mole? had to leave. In the episode she already said that tunnel vision killed her. In The Who is the Mole? Podcast she opens a book about exactly how that happened. “I did punch myself … That I did something stupid like that. It’s a mind fuck, I can’t say otherwise.”

In the second episode it was time for the laser job. Always one of the highlights of the participants WIDM. Nadja explains that that assignment was played at 4 a.m. “I was in the control room for a long time. I was very cold.”

Nadja was on the screens for a long time to watch the actions of the other participants. “I laughed so much. I think it was kind of an outburst of the past year.”

She especially thought Ron was hilarious because he couldn’t find the chest. “Everything was slowed down and it was late. I got the giggles and it didn’t stop and I couldn’t take it seriously. There the plug went out or something.”

That night she had barely slept. “The next day I was really worthless and then I had a very long conversation and I resisted everything. My whole vision had changed. Yes, that was really stupid.”

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