Why you should walk your pet carefully

Always focus on your dog when you go for a walk. This not only avoids accidents and conflicts, but also makes them feel more relaxed.


the essentials in brief

  • Multitasking during the walk can lead to conflicts or accidents.
  • The animal protection organization Four Paws points this out.
  • Dog owners should give their dog full attention when walking.

In our fast-paced world, dog owners often try to multitask during their daily walk instead of simply focusing on their pet.

Texting, phoning, or checking social media while walking the dog is not uncommon among dog owners.

It’s also not uncommon for dog walkers to engage in animated conversation with their partner or friends, or to focus primarily on their children.

There is often not much attention left for the dog. This can lead to conflicts or accidents. To avoid this, dog owners should not do anything else during the walk than walking with the dog.

Good reasons for mindful walking the dog

The daily walk should be a time for your dog to give your special attention to your animal.

Because when you are out and about with your dog, you have to be careful that it does not run across the street or eat something that it finds in the bushes. You must also pay attention to where your dog does its business.

Contact with other dogs (especially strangers) should always be carefully monitored, because not all dogs get along with each other.

In addition, some dogs are very people-oriented and will greet any walker they meet, often jumping up on them. That’s not always appreciated!

Cyclists, joggers and children playing can also pose a potential hazard. Accidents can quickly occur if, for example, your dog suddenly turns in a different direction and runs into the wheels of a cyclist.

Recognizing conflict situations in advance

Especially in densely populated areas, there are always conflicts between dog owners and other people. Owners who stay alert can anticipate these potential conflict situations and call their dog over.

For example, an alert dog owner can prevent their own dog from running to another dog that is on a leash.

strengthen bond

If you walk your dog mindfully, you can also interact much more intensively with your animal. And short play or training sessions strengthen the bond between you and your four-legged friend.

There are many advantages to leaving your phone in your pocket and not getting lost in conversations when walking your dog.

Of course, the walk is also a good opportunity to meet other people, but you shouldn’t lose sight of your pet.


This article first appeared on the blog of the animal welfare organization Four Paws.

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