Why you should NOT ignore the presence of blood in the semen!

The presence of blood in the semen can give a feeling of fear, but most of the time, it is not a sign of a medical problem and the discomfort goes away on its own. But when blood is always present in the semen, the problem requires further investigation.

Blood in the semen, a problem that is medically called hematospermia, is found in men between the ages of 30 and 40 and those over 50. The presence of blood in the semen is not always a sign of a major medical problem, but a medical consultation is necessary from the first bleeding.

Prostate biopsy, among the possible causes

The presence of blood can be caused by inflammation, infection, blockage or injury to an organ in the male reproductive system. Because the seminal vesicles (a pair of sac-shaped glands located on both sides of the bladder) and the prostate are the main organs that contribute to sperm formation, an infection, inflammation or trauma in any of these organs can cause blood to appear in the sperm.

The most common cause is prostate biopsy. Bleeding can take several weeks. Bleeding can also occur during the first week after a vasectomy.

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