Why you are going to buy a dog sofa

Spoiler alert: The dog couch will become your four-legged friend’s new favorite spot.

You have read tips and tricks on buying a sofa on this page and left with a lot of knowledge to finally buy your favorite sofa. After a few days it was delivered and the final assembly was a piece of cake for you. Your smile will never leave you as you can’t wait for the first TV evening with your other half on the new sofa…

Happily, you sit down on the new couch and let your thoughts run wild. You lovingly caress the beautiful light gray fabric… and bang: your best friend the four-legged friend jumps on the sofa, lies down next to you and immediately feels like heaven!

The sofa for the four-legged friend

Don’t want to constantly share your couch with your dog while you watch TV? It’s totally understandable, because claws and hair put a strain on your sofa in the long run.

How about just buying the skin nose of his own little dog couch? Just for her alone. On which she can do whatever she wants: sleep, relax or watch what’s going on in the house. Just as you make yourself comfortable on your couch, your dog will love his couch too.

Unlike the classic dog basket or cushion, the dog couch has no contact with the ground, as it stands on legs. This not only provides a better view, but also allows air to circulate better and reduces odors.

Now let’s get into the details and clarify what to look for when buying a dog couch. Here we are:

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How big should the dog couch be?

The dog sofa should be large enough for your pet to have enough space in it. This means that he can lie sideways with his legs stretched out. Just hold a folding ruler to your lying dog and measure its length from front to back.

Dimensions of the lying surface specified. And it depends on the interior dimensions. Bello (alternatively Luna, Balu or Charly) should not lie on the armrests of the sofa, but comfortably between them.

But the external dimensions of the sofa are also important. Before buying, check if you have enough space for a dog couch. The golden rule “big dog – big sofa, small dog – small sofa” can be applied here. A small Chihuahua will not find a huge sofa cozy, and a Labrador will not be able to lie down properly on a sofa that is too small.

By the way, on the market there are many more sofas for small dogs than for large ones.

The height of the sofa is also important: a small dog or an animal with joint problems (osteoarthritis) cannot permanently jump on a lying surface that is too high.

It has to be chic – the look is also important

A dog sofa, in addition to all the benefits for your dog, must also be chic. In addition to the classic variants, there are also the real eye-catchers. How about a Chesterfield dog sofa, for example?

How much does a dog couch cost?

For a dog sofa, you can spend different amounts. The cheapest canapes are around 50 EUR. For the more expensive ones, you can spend well over 1000 EUR.

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