Why would building a new province in Papua pose some threat?


On November 17, 2022, the Household of Representatives accredited the law establishing the Province of South West Papua (RUU). Guspardi Gaus, member of the 2nd Committee of the House of Representatives, mentioned that the purpose of establishing a new regional administration in Papua is contained in Report 93 of Governing administration Regulation No. 106/2021 on Powers and Institutional Implementation of Unique Autonomy for Papua. It aims to accelerate infrastructure improvement, improve public companies, and improve the welfare and dignity of the indigenous Papuans (OAP). He hopes the legislation will also help defeat opportunity conflicts in the area.

Inside Minister Tito Kanavian stated the acceptance of the legislation in Papua’s southwestern province was a historic milestone as it created Indonesia’s 38th province. Tito reminded all stakeholders to get the job done together to manage the location.

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