Why the winemaker used to look like an eagle owl

Sore. “Now you look like an eagle owl,” the wives of the wine growers said back when there was no name for the varieties imported from America. Why did the vines have to come from so far?

Because they were resistant to the phylloxera, which raged in Europe around 1870 and wiped out a large part of the wine population. As much as the Uhudler was a savior in need at the time, his ostracism was great in the years that followed. It should be the trigger for infirmity and hysteria, causing excess anger and even deformities in children, in other words, driving them crazy.

Wine. Total nonsense, of course, otherwise I would hardly be able to write these lines. Although the eagle owl is a bit right, as some photos show. But back then there weren’t any Insta filters and such.

Whatever, the Uhudler has been legal again since 1992. However, it did not really take off until 2003 in the course of the discussion at EU level about temporary approval. Wanted or not – the media reports about it were the best marketing from and for southern Burgenland, from which even Hillinger could have learned something.

Because even if the Uhudler is practically everywhere anyway – it tastes best in its homeland. So: off to the south!

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