Why the fashion industry would do well to care about the over 50s

Rather turned towards the youngest to develop their collections, fashion designers are less interested in those over 50. A very bad calculation, according to The Telegraph, since the latter have very significant purchasing power.

British daily The Telegraph note “a progress” in the latest fashion shows presenting the collections for the coming summer. “Among the models in their slender twenties” who show off these clothes, “You can see some graying heads”. And pieces that ten years ago were considered mom’s clothes are “Today ten times more fashionable”.

Despite this change in mentality, more inclusive towards all ages (but also of all sizes), “Industry [de la mode] as a whole – from marketing and advertising to styles and cuts on offer – is still largely youth-oriented ”.

How long will this last? asks the British newspaper, for purely pragmatic reasons:

Based on figures



Atlanticist and anti-European in substance, pugnacious and committed in form, it is the leading conservative newspaper of reference. Founded in 1855, it is the last of the quality dailies not to have abandoned the large format. His agenda is


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