Why is Gordon Ramsay worse than Philippe Etchebest?

The Scottish Chef has made famous the famous program “Nightmare in the kitchen”. Its goal ? Save restaurateurs on the brink of collapse by helping them to review their organization. Often with loud cries …

At 54, Chef Gordon Ramsay owns 28 restaurants around the world. He hosts several cooking shows including “F Word”, “MasterChef”, or “Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares”.


We love “Nightmare in the kitchen”! The French version with Chef Philippe Etchebest is a hit on M6 and viewers revel in the adventures of these restaurateurs who are raising the bar of their establishment.

But do you know the UK version? If you found our Philippe Etchebest tough and his outspokenness gave you chills then you will love to hate Gordon Ramsay!

Where Philippe Etchebest often shows his big heart by focusing on the psychological dimension of failure and by opening a dialogue with the various managers of the restaurant, Gordon Ramsay is often content to howl criticisms and remonstrances. Certainly, rather deserved …

A flowery language

Watch out for sensitive ears, the British Chef doesn’t mince his words and doesn’t stop treating quiche restaurateurs. No, he does not hesitate to tell them their four truths by insulting them with all names (I hesitated to transcribe some profanity to you but I gave up for your good)!

To give you an idea, here are some of the (relatively “sweet”) remarks he made while tasting the dishes ordered to get an idea of ​​the menu: “Your soup tastes like piss!” “,” It looks like someone threw up on the plate “or even” when you take a bite of this bitch, it’s like having a breaded condom in your mouth “.

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Show garanti

His frankness and his lack of diplomacy do not please all the participants of “Nightmare in the kitchen” and we can easily understand them.

Some restaurateurs have put all their guts and their hearts into their business and they have had a hard time realizing that they are not up to the challenge. As for the Chef, he prefers a cash language to trigger reactions, buzz and ensure the audience.

Gordon Ramsay thus guarantees the show and the lot of yelling at each episode with a peach that would almost give us a banana (he must eat lion before each show to have such energy)!

If you want to attend the show, go to AB3 at 5:55 pm Monday to Friday.

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