Why Do Dogs Spin Around Before Sleep?

Belnovosti expert Timur Khomichev spoke about one interesting feature of dog behavior.

Photo: Unsplash

Often, dog owners notice how their four-legged pets begin to spin in place before going to bed, as if they cannot lie down comfortably.

Experts believe that this unusual habit has been preserved in dogs since prehistoric times. Despite the fact that quadrupeds have long adapted to life with humans and are easy to train, they still have some of the instincts that helped their ancestors survive.

It is assumed that the dog, starting to spin in place, simulates the grass jamming. In this way, wild dogs create a small hole for themselves to sleep in.

Also, one theory says that wild dogs did this in order to notice and drive away dangerous parasites, such as lizards, snakes and insects, that may be near the bed.

Moreover, such behavior used to allow the dog to show other members of the pack that this territory was already occupied.

So now that your dog starts circling again before going to sleep, you will know that this is not at all about an uncomfortable bed. Even on the softest couch, the dog will still spin. This action gives the four-legged pet a feeling of comfort and safety.

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