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Asagi looks up at the owner after taking a bath. It seems to be sucked into too pure eyes[Photo courtesy of Asagi (@___a_y_r_)]

Former protection dog “Asagi”, 3 months old, welcomed from the Animal Welfare Center. It’s been a month and a half since my new life started, but it’s gaining popularity on Twitter. For young Asagi, who used to live in a facility, living at home is a series of fresh things. The dog lover is in agony when the appearance of making the round maiden even more round is too cute for the first event. We talked to the owner about how he welcomed Asagi and why he had his eyes rounded in the photo.

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Asagi-chan and her owner who fell in love at first sight at the Animal Welfare Center

Asagi-chan is looking up at the camera with a straight line of sight as if to complain about something. I’m still a 3 month old girl. The standing ears with only the tip hanging down are also cute, and it seems that they will be sucked into the eyes that are too pure.

The encounter between Asagi and her owner was at the Animal Welfare Center. The owner initially wanted to meet a different child dog than Asagi-chan, so he went to the center. However, when the owner visited the center, the child dog had already been transferred to another family. When I gave up and tried to go home, I saw the child dog, which was the only one left, in the eyes of the owner.

At that moment, the owner fell in love with Asagi at first sight. I decided to pick you up soon. It seems that the origin of the cute Japanese-style name is the grayish brown coat color. It is said that the characteristic coat color was associated with the traditional Japanese color “Asagi Nezu color” and a part of it was taken.

A lively and happy life with Asagi-chan that started in this way. It’s been about a month and a half since I was greeted, but there are still many new things for Asagi-chan. Everything you see is fresh. One day, Asagi-chan followed the owner who took a bath and waited while crying in the washroom. There, the owner appeared in front of Asagi-chan, still soaked.

Asagi-chan got stuck when she saw the owner who looked different than usual. I made the round maiden even more round and gave it a mysterious expression. The appearance was so cute that the owner took a picture. When I posted it on Twitter with an explanation that “a cute dog who looks at the owner who is soaked in the whole body with a mysterious face”, 13,000 “likes” were collected and it became a hot topic. There were a lot of people in agony, such as “Hyaaaa angel”, “Wanko-san with a lovely look”, and “Ah, cute !!”.

When I asked the owner to guess the reason why Asagi-chan had such a rounded eye this time, I thought, “Since Asagi had already shampooed this day, maybe this person was also washed !?” It may have been. “

By the way, it was only a moment when it was solidified, and Asagi-chan started playing pranks soon after this. Asagi-chan, who still wants to play. I hope that you will continue to grow up quickly while experiencing a lot of experience.

○ Interview cooperation: Asagi (@___a_y_r_)Mr. Miss

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