Why booth concerts are currently not possible despite the low incidence

For many, they are part of the weekends in the summer months, such as a visit to the beer garden or an iced coffee – the popular stand concerts, for example in Bischofsheim, Mellrichstadt or Bad Neustadt. Speaking for the spa town, the musical Sunday concerts last year could only begin after a three-month delay in July due to the corona – and with a greater response than seldom before.

And it will most likely not start again in 2021 – despite the currently low and stable seven-day incidence in Rhön-Grabfeld. Much to the disappointment and sometimes also to the incomprehension of Kai Uwe Tapken, the head of the Vhs and the municipal cultural work, who in the past few days has chosen the contacts of authorities and Co. in this regard.

Chapels were informed by email

But why are concerts in a manageable framework only possible with difficulty while, among other things, the catering industry has now been allowed to open its indoor area again after the outdoor area? According to Tapken, there are two main reasons for this – the Vhs leader informed the band on Monday by email.

Effort is currently beyond all dimensions

According to information from the Rhön-Grabfelder district office, the corona regulations from May 12th currently still apply. Despite an incidence of less than 50, the city, as the organizer, would have to set up fixed seating in the marketplace and request a corona test or a vaccination or recovery confirmation from each visitor, check and also document this. That is simply not achievable, said Tapken in an interview with this editorial team, who hopes that the musicians will understand in this regard. The effort here goes beyond all dimensions. Therefore, with a heavy heart, he canceled all appointments on the market square until June 27th.

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For comparison: when the concerts were resumed last year, there were no such high editions. In this case, it was sufficient to observe the hygienic precautions that were valid at the time, such as keeping your distance or, if this was not possible, wearing a mask.

Music samples have recently been possible and allowed again

In addition to the Corona rules, the second major problem is the band’s inability to play – after around seven months of complete break from rehearsals and performances. It was only recently that the corona restrictions were relaxed with regard to the sampling options. According to the Nordbayerischer Musikbund, amateur music ensembles have been able to rehearse outdoors without a limit on participants since Monday. In the closed room, the available space is decisive with regard to the necessary minimum distances for determining the maximum permissible participants. After all, in Rhön-Grabfeld there is currently no compulsory test due to the incidence of less than 50.

According to the Musikbund, the rehearsals are likely to be comparable to the situation in autumn 2020. The distances between the musicians are therefore at least 1.5 meters, in the blowing direction of the respective instrument it is two meters, with transverse flutes even three meters forward.

As an alternative to the difficult performance conditions, Kai Uwe Tapken suggests concerts in old people’s homes as a slow “re-start” back to normal, for example on Mother’s Day last year. “These performances were very well received by the bands and enthusiastically received by the elderly,” said Tapken. It should be less problematic here, as there is no direct contact with the residents, a large number of them have already been vaccinated and the number of spectators remains manageable.

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Indirect demand from Munich

However, the head of the municipal cultural work has not yet given up all hope that something will still happen in terms of booth concerts in public places in June. But by the beginning of July at the latest, “there has to be something. People are already looking forward to the concerts,” Kai Uwe Tapken calls out to the State Chancellery, quasi indirectly.

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