Who pays for the “free” concerts in the Zócalo?

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This Sunday will be presented Firm Group in the Zócalo of the capital and it would be the fourth free concert so far this year in that place.

Every new group or singer that introduces, the government of Claudia Sheinbaum (or in the case of September 15, the federal government), mentions that the artists are “discounting” or “charging less”, however, not only it is the payment to the artist, these big events require production. Who absorbs these expenses?

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Discounts and artists who do not charge

When López Obrador announced the schedule for Independence Day, he announced that the Northern Tigers they would play in the Zócalo for free before and after the shouting ceremony.

“They charged and it will be reported, we split the expenses the city government, the federal government and they contributed, I think they contributed half an hour more, and they also ceded rights and they are thanked and the production companies are thanked, ”said López Obrador in his morning conference.

The contracts establishing how much the federal and capital governments spent for the Tigres del Norte on September 15 are not yet public. Nevertheless, according to data published by Radio Formula, the group charges between $160,000 and $211,000 dollarsthat is, between $3,200,000 and $4,200,000 pesos.

Even if the artists “make discounts” or “give away” concert hours, a lot of money from the people of the capital is spent on the production of these kinds of events.

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Not as “cheap” as advertised

The first massive concert was that of the damn neighborhood A few months ago, according to various media, it had an approximate attendance of between 100,000 and 160,000 people.

According to information obtained The financial Through the National Transparency Platform, in total, the costs of production, logistics and artists’ contracts, amounted to $17,784,000 pesos to hold the event on July 16, 2022.

The financial documented that “the provider Services, Audio, Representations and Artists, SA de CVa company contracted to carry out all the free concerts scheduled on the Zócalo for this 2022, charged more than $10,000,000 pesos in production expenses necessary for the event and $225,000 pesos in lodging and plane tickets for the singers”.

The invoice to the Ministry of Culture

In the past administration, the concerts in the Zócalo, part of the financing of the production was through sponsors. That’s how it was with Paul McCartney or the time Justin Bieber appeared at the Zócalo with the sponsorship of Coca-Cola.

This year, there is no evidence that the free concert series is sponsored in any way for its realization. Which means that all expenses are borne by the Ministry of Culture of Mexico City or, where appropriate, Federal.

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Any plans for this weekend?

On the list of free concerts that are still missing for this year are Grupo Firme (September 25) and the Spanish singer Joan Manuel Serrat (October 21, 2022).

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According to a publication in Twitter by Claudia Sheinbaum Grupo Firme’s concert in the Zócalo will have no cost to the Government of Mexico City.

From what the Head of Government implies, the group will not charge for your presentation next Sunday. However, the question remains as to why.

According to the available events of Grupo Firme in Ticketmaster, the group charges between $1,200 and $20,000 pesos approximately, why would they give the concert to the capital government? But also, as we saw in other concerts, the production has a cost that has to be paid by someone. As it is a public event, that data would also have to be transparent.

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